Frequently Asked Questions

An automated email is sent to the email address you used when registering the course. Please check your junk mail folder! You can login to your course at – using the email address and password you used during the course registration.

Sorry, no. Once you’ve registered the course it’s impossible to change the name you registered it in. You can only change your email and password details after registration.

The Keyboard Pro course loads in a pop-up window, so please ensure that pop-up windows are enabled in your Internet browser or the course won’t load.

Anti-virus programs can block the course content from appearing in the pop-up window, so disable any anti-virus software you may be running and try launching the course again

Ensure that you have sound enabled on your system. You can check this by playing a YouTube video in your browser. If you can hear YouTube videos you’ll be able to hear Keyboard Pro videos.

You’ll need to change your computer system language to match the language of the Keyboard Pro course you’re training with. Please refer to your computer user guide for instructions. Remember that when you’re training with Keyboard Pro you should never look down at your keyboard but you should focus on the on-screen display at all times. So, after changing languages, don’t worry if your physical keyboard doesn’t match the on-screen display. Just concentrate on the on-screen display and continue with the course.

Keyboard Pro uses a progressive learning system. After completing each lesson, the next lesson will automatically unlock allowing you to take it.

We aim to answer all support hotline messages as fast as we can, usually within an hour. However, due to the time differences around the world sometimes it can take a few hours before you’ll receive a reply. Please keep checking your inbox – we will reply to your question!

You can take an unlimited number of exams while your course subscription is valid.

No you don’t. There’s a special ‘course unlock’ feature you can use to unlock all the menus, giving you access to every part of the course. To activate this feature simply hover your mouse over the ‘Keyboard Pro’ logo on the top left corner of the course home page (where the intro videos and hotline are found) and left click four times. You’ll find that all menus are now unlocked. Please note that once you’ve unlocked the course, it can’t be reverted to a locked state.

To return to the exact position where you left off, you can do one of two things. Press the STOP button in a lesson when you’re ready to end the session and then, next time you login press the ‘Continue’ button at the top of the page to return to where you left off. Or, alternatively, you can ‘bookmark’ your place by pressing the Bookmark button at the top of the screen, then press it again when you log back in and select the lesson you bookmarked.

You can either write your message directly in the course using the Support Hotline on the home page, or contact your local Keyboard Pro office. You’ll find out contat details on our website.